DEC 17
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Kudos to the GGF-IT team, and Mark Stockbridge, who led this successful effort! Thank you for the thorough update on this. It's a pleasure working with such a focused professional - many thanks for your concern and attention to detail!
  Mary E. Spada
Vice Chairman, Operations
Global Grid Forum
Thanks again. You've been a real lifesaver!
  Michelle Gower
Project Manager
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Thanks for the GREAT work on the new website; the team has taken to the new technology and the new flow and design. I would like to get your thoughts on a new requirement that has arisen over the past few hours.
  Anthony Binder
IT Manager
Global Grid Forum
Mark, this is PERFECT! Thank you very very much for your quick turn around.
  Karlene D. Mondloch
Membership Chairman
Mark, site looks wonderful - thank you!
  Greg Cole
Executive Director
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Thanks, Mark. I think there were remarkably few glitches considering such a big effort. Thanks for hanging in there and sweating the details. It looks great.

Mark, you should feel free to be creative in tweaking the design, and especially in making technical decisions that would make it easier to browse or maintain. Do not feel very constrained. I trust your judgment to deliver something very functional.
  Tom Garritano
Project Manager
NSF Middle Initiative
Thanks so much for handling this so quickly.
  Julie Wulf-Knoerzer
Web Editor
Thanks Mark These look great. I'll need your help with [the next project] so we can make it look good.
  Rich French
Director of Marketing
Where2GetIt, Inc
Nice Work. Thanks again for the great ideas. It is a pleasure to work with someone who provides such great customer service.
  William Cogdill
Project Manager
DEDI Group, Inc
You are right on. Many thanks, again. Invoice?
  Mark S. Barg
Chairman & CEO
DEDI Group, Inc
Thanks, Mark. I appreciate all your hard work and help.
  Herb Morgan
Research Editor
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
I have appreciated working with you. If you need a web partner, let me know.
  Thomas W. Brown
IT Manager
Global Grid Forum
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